untermStrich® X3 = 100 percent home office
any time. from anywhere. in any situation.

Leading economists agree that the world after Corona will change massively one way or another. Many habits in the world of work will be redefined and lived a new as a result of current rules and regulations.

People are flexible, to the extent that technology allows. The home office trend, which was formerly ridiculed, is an answer to the changing world of work. Where as in-person meetings were important yesterday - today they are equally suited for video conferencing.
Where as administrative work used to have to be done in offices, today it can certainly be done via home office.

We at untermStrich® support every form of flexible working environment with our 100 percent web application. untermStrich® is your 100 percent office and management software and your 100 percent home office - just as you need it.

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So you always know what you are doing

So you always know what you are doing

For untermStrich economic success requires one thing: clear conditions. Difficult tasks in project controlling and claim management are easily ascertainable with the right software. Our many years of experience in this field convey security - we are convinced of this and you most certainly will be.

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untermStrich® „on demand“

untermStrich® “on demand”

It’s challenging to put software into words. We not only want to show you what the program can do, we want to convince you that untermStrich® is the most efficient 
solution for your planning office. That’s how the idea came about to demonstrate untermStrich® with fictitious weekly sketches of simulated everyday office life. A practical guide, so to speak, from everyday use.

Simply come along with us and see how user-friendly
“on demand” software can be.

Experience X3 in practice